Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Be The Match"

BE THE ONE RUN Richmond Virginia April 21st 2012
"Be The Match"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be the ONE Run Richmond, Virginia!

Friends and Family,

message below is an abbreviated story. Also feel free to forward to
others who would show support.
you have a chance please visit the link below to read the whole story it will
inspire and uplift.

mother (Rosamond Dews) passed away from Leukemia in January of 2000. A
life giving procedure called bone marrow transplant could have saved
her life. In December of 2004, I (Ronald Dews Jr.) was a match and gave
bone marrow to a 15 year girl with Leukemia which saved her life.
I have 2 sons (Riley 5 and Tracy 9) who have Sickle Cell Disease and research
shows that in the near future bone marrow transplants may save
their lives.

saving my families legacy and Join or Donate for the upcoming Be The One Run in
Richmond, Virginia!

Ron Dews 804-852-4420
Be The One
Run is a run/walk fundraising event that gives patients with leukemia, sickle
cell and 70 other life‐threatening
diseases a second chance at life. Every step participants take helps
patients receive the marrow transplant they need.
Richmond Be The One Run is April 21, 2012, and will include a 5K, 1K, and Tot