Monday, March 22, 2010

Ideas for Sickle Cell Rochester 2010

Planet a Fruit Tree or have Fruit and vegetable project. Go apple
picking or some kind of fruit picking experience for the kids. (Tracy)
Have a walk to raise money for Back to School supplies 4 kids (Tiffany)
See Breeze trip for 20 kids at a cost of $20 per kid w/ picnic for
total cost of $400 (Ronald)
Do awareness w/ school by expert or parent. The who is a TBD (Tiffany).
Parent Education and Advocacy Event (Ronald and Tiffany)
Trip to the Science Museum, Strong Museum of Play, Rochester, Buffalo,
Syracuse Zoo or Cultural event (Ronald)
Social Group for Parents = day or evening off from the kids Sickle
Cell “SC CafĂ©” (Tiffany)
Social Group for older Kids = day or evening away from the parents (Tiffany)
Have 1 to 2 parents attended the national event for 2010 (Ronald)

Support campaign to reissue the SC postage stamp for the 160th
anniversary on the Discovery of Sickle Cell Disease (Ronald)